Where to go for summer holiday in 2020?

      Europe is slowly but surely wanting to return to normal travel. You can read here what this means for your summer holiday planning and which countries prepare for tourists.

Some countries may keep their borders closed for several months, others are already hopefully planning the time after the Corona crisis. The travel warning is due on June 15th  to be largely canceled.

The countries for which the travel warning is now to be lifted include the 26 countries in the European Union, the United Kingdom leaving the EU and four Schengen countries that are not members of the EU: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

However, the lifting of the travel warning does not automatically mean that touristic trips to the countries mentioned are possible again in all cases. Norway will probably still have an entry ban after June 15th. In Spain, advice is currently being given to enable tourist entries again from June 21. After that, the travel warning for this EU country will be replaced by travel advice.  

Holiday in Germany

Best National Parks in Europe
Saxon Switzerland – Germany

How likely is it that we can go on vacation in Germany this year ? Very likely, because the federal states have already given the green light for the opening of hotels and restaurants. We summarized all the data and information on the individual federal states in one article. Here you can find out when vacation in Germany is possible again.

holiday in a holiday home seems to be particularly likely this year . Here families and groups of friends are among themselves, can take care of themselves and spend their time undisturbed in their own garden.

Holiday in Austria

things to do in Austria
Hallstatt – Austria

When is vacation in Austria possible?

Austria is slowly but surely returning to normal. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has already offered his fellow citizens the prospect of a vacation in his own country, but does that also apply to German vacationers? The answer is: If everything goes well, then yes! And in the best case from June 15, 2020.

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Holiday in Switzerland

holiday in Switzerland
Lucerne – Switzerland

The situation is similar with a vacation in Switzerland. Border openings here also depend heavily on the number of infections in the countries from which tourists want to enter. In general, Switzerland primarily focuses on tourists from its own country. Holiday apartments and country inns are particularly popular.

Holiday in Luxembourg and Denmark

Border controls to and from Luxembourg ceased on May 15 and the Danish Consulate General also announced the first easing on May 25:

” For people with a permanent residence in Germany […] it is considered worthy of recognition to undertake a transit through Denmark if this is done with a view to a holiday stay outside Denmark. For example, a person has a good reason to travel through Denmark if they want to go on holiday in Sweden or take the ferry to Sylt. If you own a summer house in Denmark , you can enter again.
You can also visit your girlfriend or boyfriend in Denmark. It is assumed that the relationship has existed for at least 6 months. Grandparents and grandchildren can now visit their permanent family in Denmark. 

Holiday in Czech Republic

Best things to do in Prague
Prague – Czech Republic

When can you travel to the Czech Republic again?

The Czech Republic also wants to reopen the borders for tourism on June 15th for the 2020 summer holiday. An official announcement states: “From June 15, tourists from Germany and other European countries can travel to the Czech Republic again . The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially announced this on June 2, 2020. The previous restrictions that were imposed in the Czech Republic due to the worldwide Covid 19 situation will be lifted at this point . Accordingly, tourists, commuters, business people and Czech citizens can travel freely to and from the Czech Republic without having to show a negative corona test or quarantine. ”

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Holiday in Netherlands

things to do in amsterdam
Amsterdam – Netherlands

When is vacation in the Netherlands possible again?

Border closures like those in Poland or the Czech Republic do not exist in the Netherlands, but travel to the Netherlands has been advised against in recent weeks. Restaurants are currently still closed, and the rental of holiday homes and parking spaces on the campsites has also not yet been possible. For our complete guide on Amsterdam, check here!

The first easing of tourism in the Netherlands has already come into force:

  • As of June 1st, restaurants are allowed to reopen in compliance with the hygiene rules. Reservation is necessary.
  • From June 1st, theaters, concert halls, museums and cinemas will be open again.
  • As of July 1st they will reopen Campsites and holiday parks completely
  • From June 1st, local public transport will also operate according to the normal timetable. Mouth and nose protections are compulsory for travelers.

Holiday in Croatia

wedding destinations in Europe
Duborvnik – Croatia

When is vacation in Croatia possible again?

Croatia wants to make vacation at the sea possible again. Romeo Draghicchio, the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, speaks of a three-point plan that is intended to make a vacation possible while observing the necessary distance regulations. The mandatory proof of a negative corona test is also being considered to protect locals and tourists.

The country is gearing up for the summer and especially wants to score with its campsites and the many holiday homes and apartments on the coast. Currently the travel restrictions for Croatia look like this:

  • The border closure decided on March 19, 2020 has since been relaxed. Germans can enter again.
  • On arrival, the contact details of the travelers are registered for the duration of their stay in Croatia. In order to avoid long waiting times when crossing the border, the Croatian Ministry of the Interior recommends travelers to store their contact and stay data online in advance on the website of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism.
  • From June 15th the travel warning of the Federal Foreign Office will also be lifted.

Holiday in Montenegro

summer holiday 2020
Kotor – Montenegro

When will vacation in Montenegro be possible again?

One country that currently stands out is Montenegro . According to media reports, the tourist infrastructures should already be organized in the second half of May so that tourists can use hotels and restaurants again. The country has even declared itself “corona-free” in the past few days and would like to welcome tourists again soon.

Holiday in Italy, Spain and France

things to do in Amalfi Coast
Positano – Italy

When is vacation in Italy, Spain and France possible?

Corona pandemic hit hard Spain, Italy and France. All three countries are very popular with Germans, especially the Balearic and Canary Islands, Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Paris are real tourist magnets.
Italy will be welcoming you for the summer holiday with its great beaches, colorful Amalfi Coast, trendsetter Milan, exotic Sicily, historical Rome and many other attractions.

The tourism in Spain should be possible again around 21 June. Airlines and tour operators are planning to start traveling again soon.
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Travel to France should be possible again from June 15th.

After around three months with strict corona restrictions, Italy’s borders are open to tourists again. Since Wednesday, freedom of travel applies to people from the other 26 EU countries as well as other countries such as Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland. A virus quarantine of two weeks is no longer necessary. In addition, the Italians themselves are free to travel back and forth between the 20 regions.

Holiday in Turkey and Greece

When is vacation in Turkey and Greece possible?

What about summer holiday in Turkey and Greece ? Both countries are popular destinations for a relaxed and sunny summer vacation – there is currently no way for international tourists to easily reach the holiday regions by plane.

Travel to Turkey for tourist purposes should theoretically have been possible again since around mid-May. According to Minister of Tourism there will be corona test stations at the airports, which should enable rapid testing of the travelers. However, there is currently no official entry permit for Germans – according to the Federal Foreign Office, a basic entry ban for German nationals has been in effect since March 14.

The hotels in Turkey may then only be 60% full. Buffets are forbidden and minimum clearances and hygiene measures must be observed.

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Greece has announced easing of tourist travel from June 15, 2020. The tourism in Greece to resume journey from the beginning of July. The taverns in the country are already allowed to open again. Ferry traffic has also resumed.

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