Grape Varieties: Sangiovese


The Sangiovese vine, also known as Brunello, is considered the most important grape variety in Italy. With 100,000 hectares of vine, it is also the most cultivated red grape in the country. Sangiovese wine is said to have potential from simple table wine to internationally celebrated bottles. The variety is the basis for the well-known red wine Chianti, which must consist of at least 80% this grape. There are also pure Chiantis. The vine is also used in renowned wines such as Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile and Morellino di Scansano. A great wine for both connoisseurs and laypeople.

Sangiovese: an Italian specialty

Chianti in particular is now considered a model wine for Tuscany , where the grape is mainly grown. But thanks to many Italian emigrants, the vine is now represented worldwide. In Europe, Sangiovese is mainly found in Greece, Malta, Switzerland and Corsica, which can offer the grape the ideal hot climate. Outside of Europe, there are important growing areas in Israel, the USA , Brazil, Chile, South Africa and even Thailand. However, the variety is very sensitive to the weather. A spicy wine with fine acidity and aromas of berries, cherries and flowers can only grow in a good location. But then the wines are worth every indulgence.

Fruity spice

This grape can produce wonderfully powerful wines with a slight hint of plum. In general, the variety is characterized by a high acid and tannin content as well as a bright red. Wines from the Sangiovese grape delight with a fruity taste of blackberries, blueberries, currants and cranberries. Spicy flavors such as leather, tobacco, cloves or liquorice are also found in this wine. The scent of young Sangiovese wines is often reminiscent of violets. Since the variety tends to mutate, other variants can be found. Some approved offshoots of the grape variety, such as the Sangiovese Grosso, bring a sour cherry taste and a hint of chocolate and vanilla. The variety of flavors of Sangiovese thus appeals to many different wine lovers.

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