Grape Varieties: Riesling


Riesling is one of the highest quality and most cultural wines in the world and is appreciated by connoisseurs and laypeople alike. This white wine owes its high reputation worldwide as the queen of the vines above all to its lively and diverse aromas. Despite the characteristics of the growing area, which are reflected in the bouquet, the grape retains its typical sour taste. Also special is its longevity, which makes it possible to let the Riesling mature for five to ten years. A wine like no other.

German Riesling: a classic

Riesling from Germany in particular is valued worldwide because these wines have their own character. Today 20% of the area under vines is cultivated with this vine, with preference given to the northern regions with steep slopes. This is the only way for the vines to get enough sun and warmth for an excellent taste in late autumn. Especially in southern Baden-Württemberg, the conditions with the central European climate are perfect for a good Riesling. Other important growing areas are the Rheingau, Mosel and the Palatinate. Young German winegrowers from wineries such as Arns, Barth or Kesselring are particularly committed to the white grape variety. Meanwhile, American, Australian and French winegrowers are also trying the high-quality grape variety. Nevertheless, Germany remains the leader with 45% of production worldwide. So you can enjoy the best local wines.

Lively wine

The lively acidity in Riesling is very distinctive. With an aroma reminiscent of apple, you will find a fresh, elegant white wine here. The main characteristic of this vine is its diversity, as it reflects the character of the soil. Dry Riesling, as it mainly comes from the Palatinate, or sweet wine – you can find excellent Riesling wines on this scale. While the younger white wines are mainly characterized by their citrus note, the acidity gives way to other full-bodied aromas in the ripening process. Very good Rieslings especially impress with a hint of peach or apricot. The colors of this white wine range from pale yellow with a light green to golden yellow. Additionally, the variety can also be used to produce sparkling and sweet wines that offer the full variety of Riesling.

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