Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir

pinot noir
Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the finest red wines in the world. Classically, the grape variety is found primarily in cooler wine-growing regions such as in Burgundy in France or in Germany, where it then trades under the names Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is also used as an ingredient in champagne. In wine, however, it almost always occurs in pure varieties. Although the it is considered difficult to grow – the vine is susceptible to disease and the grape skins are thin – the variety is popular, mainly because of the taste quality and the lavishly rich fragrance of the wine made from it.

Pinot Noir: A very old vine

It is probably one of the oldest grape varieties still in the world. Because more than 2000 years ago during the Roman rule over Gaul, winegrowers in today’s Burgundy grew him out of a wild vine and grew it. The grapes of the Pinot Noir have tightly hanging berries and resemble a large pine cone. Since “pin” is the French name for pine, it is assumed that the name of the grape variety is also due to this. The grape thrives best on calcareous soils. He finds good growth conditions in Burgundy, in the Loire Valley, in Alsace and occasionally in higher areas of the Languedoc. But also in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy the grape variety is grown. In this country, the most important growing areas are Baden, the Ahr Valley and the Palatinate. However, the vine is widespread all over the world.

Finesse and elegance

Successful red wines made from Pinot Noir have an intense, bright ruby ​​red color, but are not as dark as e.g. B. Cabernet Sauvignon. It is characterized by its rich bouquet, which is usually associated with fresh strawberries, wild berries, cherries or plums. Spices and herbs, as well as mushrooms or leather in the case of ripe wines, sometimes get into the nose of the wine connoisseur. The taste is in no way inferior to the fragrance of top wines: aromatic-fruity and full-bodied.

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