Holiday 2020: Travel Insurance warnings

holiday 2020 travel insurance

      Travel insurance has always been a vital part of getting off abroad. Choosing the right cover can protect you and your finances should something go wrong with your holiday. The coronavirus pandemic saw many insurers cease to sell travel insurance due to the unpredictability of the crisis. However now the travel bans are being removed, travallers need to be careful even more while choosing their insurance.

Holiday 2020 Travel Insurance

Stopped for a while, now travel insurances are coming back onto the market; you really have to read the small print as to whether or not you’ll get any sort of cover, should you get the virus and have to cancel your holiday or should you catch it abroad.

It is a difficult task however you need to be careful as cheaper travel insurance policies probably won’t cover you.

Also if the governments allow and you choose not to travel, you won’t be covered, nor get your money back. Again as the bans are lifted this is now your own choice. This is especially true if you have reservations about travelling abroad. Your holiday goes ahead but you cancel because you don’t want that experience of airport, airline and the destination with all the new regulations.

Did you know European Health Insurance Card?

A helpful way to cover health needs while away is to make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card, also known as an E111 card.
You can get a free E111 card, which entitles you to the state-provided health care that the citizens in European countries get should they be ill.

Here is our list for the 2020 summer holiday destinations that you can enjoy at the last minute.

Holiday 2020 Travel Insurance

It doesn’t replace travel insurance at all but it’s worth getting and if it’s free. Go on the European Commission’s website for more information but it doesn’t cover travel insurance. The cars is issued by your own national health insurance provider.

I think if you took out the annual travel insurance say back in January and February, you would be covered. But anyone that took one out as soon as the pandemic started really needs to read the small prints.

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