Grape Varieties: Chardonnay


Who doesn’t like to enjoy a refreshing glass of white wine on warm days? A Chardonnay is perfect for this. This vine from the French Burgundy wine region, like Riesling, is one of the high-quality varieties and produces excellent wines. The grapes are particularly popular for their versatility because they reflect the properties of the soil and thus produce very diverse wines.

French, Californian and Italian Chardonnay

The classic Chardonnay wine comes from traditional Burgundy , but also Chablis, the Champagne and Languedoc make a large contribution to the cultivation of this white wine. Despite the high demands of this variety on the growing location, the increasing popularity of the Chardonnay grape has ensured that it is now represented worldwide. A total of 175,000 hectares of land are being cultivated. Italy, Moldova and Germany also grow small parts of the popular vine. California, Australia and New Zealand in particular are increasingly enjoying Chardonnay, where the warm soil brings perfect conditions. The mostly dry Chardonnays reflect the diversity of the growing areas. So you can explore the whole range of special white wines.

Harmonious & mild: This is how the Chardonnay tastes

Chardonnay is often processed in a single variety and offered as such. The fresh aromas of citrus, apple and melon offer you great freshness for every occasion. The typical taste of this variety is a little smoky and mixed with a hint of walnut. With the right aging in oak barrels, this white wine can still get notes of butter, hazelnut and vanilla, which are appreciated by connoisseurs. After the wine has often been processed with strong use of wood in recent decades, the trend is increasingly towards more harmonious and milder Chardonnays. In fact, most of them have a relatively high alcohol content of at least 13%. Depending on the growing region, you will find fresh, light to exotic aromatic Chardonnay wines that always promise pleasure.

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