Best things to do in Capri over a weekend!

things to do capri
things to do in capri

Many tourists in Italy only take a day trip to Capri, which is a shame. Because the best way to experience the island is when the day tourists have turned their backs on it. 

The island is divided into the two towns of Capri and Anacapri . During the 1960s, Capri developed into a meeting point for international jet setters and is still a magnet for famous people and successful business people who want to take a break from their everyday life. The main square of Capri is  Piazza Umberto .

Here you can choose between the many restaurants and bars that line the square. During a wine or aperitif, you can watch the goings-on while enjoying delicious snacks that are served with the drinks. Then you can stroll through the streets and alleys and marvel at the displays of the expensive high-end boutiques. To cool off, you can treat yourself to the best ice cream on the island at the Buonocore ice cream parlor in Capri town: the hand-turned waffles are still filled lukewarm. It is no wonder that so many come here to relax. Your  heart will open at the latest when the sunsets are dreaming.

The Blue Grotto on Capri

things to do in Capri
Capri Blue Grotto

The island’s cave system is probably its biggest attraction. There are said to be around 65 grottos spread all over the island, but they are probably all as unknown as the highlight alone is known: The probably best-known grotto on Capri is the Blue Grotto, which with its unique luminosity has been a visitor in its decades Spell pulls. Since the entrance to it is only one and a half meters high, it can only be explored in a small boat when the sea is calm.

On the offered excursions to the Blue Grotto you have to change to a smaller boat at sea, which then goes into the grotto. But also in the other caves, the island impresses its visitors with its uniquely clear water. Since the subsoil in the many bays is rocky, you can admire the wonderfully radiant water even when the waves are swell.

Via Krupp

best things to do in Capri
Via Krupp Capri

The Via Krupp is a 1.3 kilometer long serpentine road that was carved into the Monte Castiglione rock under the guidance of the entrepreneur Friedrich Krupp in 1900, because he always found the descent too difficult. It leads down from the really worth seeing gardens Diardini di Augosto and offers you a breathtaking view during the twenty-minute walk. At the harbor you can jump into the clear water or recharge your batteries in one of the many beach bars. This road on the south coast is unfortunately blocked from time to time due to the risk of falling rocks. With its beautiful view of the sea, it is considered one of the most beautiful serpentine roads in the world.

The historic serpentine road, like all other roads on Capri, is not accessible all year round. From spring to late autumn only locals are allowed to drive here. Which may not be that bad, because the streets are sometimes so narrow that you have to drive with the mirrors folded. This is really only for drivers with very strong nerves! Holidaymakers can get around the island in the rather expensive taxis or cheap alternatives such as the “Funicolare” , a cable car, and the reliable public buses. A tour with a rather expensive taxi is still worth it: All taxis on the island are extra-long convertible special designs with a sunroof and space for six people. The island’s most famous taxi is the bright red Fiat convertible.

Faraglioni Rocks

things to do capri
Faraglioni Rocks Capri

This impressive rock formation is probably the most famous landmark of the island and has served as a photo motif for many travel bloggers. These are three rocky cliffs that protrude from the sea, each with its own name. The Faraglione di terra , also called Stella, is the highest and only connected to the coast by a narrow headland. Faraglione di mezzo , the middle one, has a 60 meter long natural tunnel at sea level, through which you can even go by small boat. The third of the cliffs, the Faraglione di fuorior also called Scopolo, is separated from it only by a narrow channel that you can even sail on with a small boat. Driving between the two rocks must be breathtaking. There are also very rare blue lizards on the Faraglioni, which you can only find there.

Capri Beaches

Of course, bathing should not be neglected on a perfect holiday. Unfortunately, you cannot jump into the water everywhere on Capri. In some places bathing is even forbidden due to the risk of falling rocks. If you should see warning signs with the inscription “Caduta Massi”, it is better to keep enough distance from the rocks on the shore. If you want to cool off, it’s best to pack your flip-flops for the rocky and coarse-stone subsurface. Then nothing stands in the way of your swimming fun on one of these beautiful beaches!

Spiaggia Marina Grande:  The largest beach on the island is in the north. The beautiful sandy beach is interrupted in between by small sections with gravel. The crystal clear, refreshing water invites you to a relaxing bath in the Mediterranean. On land you can make yourself comfortable and relax on one of the loungers under the parasol. Or how about a round of pedal boating?

Spiaggia Gradola di Capri: This beautiful beach is located in the municipality of Anacapri. You can combine a stay here with an excursion to the famous Blue Grotto as the beach is really closeby. You can sizzle in the sun on a stone platform. Although this doesn’t offer much space, the captivatingly clear water attracts. And refreshment doesn’t hurt, right?

Spiaggia Cala Ventroso:  Between the lighthouse and the bay of Marina Piccola you will find this wonderful bathing bay. It is surrounded by the rugged cliffs of Monte Solaro. You can only reach this swimming area by boat. The little trip is definitely worth it! You can not only cool off in the wonderful water, you can also reach some of the most beautiful grottos. Grotta dello Champagne  or  la Grotta Verde are only few to name.

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